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Startup Incubator Lab

Helping early stage entrepreneur’s ideas into successful businesses

Startup Incubator Lab is a program from InnoMind Technologies designed to help early stage startup entrepreneurs to ideate, design, build and launch their Web, Mobile, IoT & Wearable apps, fully keeping their constraints such as cost and timeline in mind. It works in 3 simple steps. We even help you to connect with the VC’s for funding assistance and business plan.

  • Schedule a meeting
    You reach out to the Startup incubator lab team, sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and setup a meeting to discuss your product idea and requirements.
  • Evaluate the concept
    We evaluate your product concept, share our feedback and recommend the best fit for your idea into the packages that we have defined for helping early stage entrepreneurs.
  • Kickoff the plan
    Once we handshake on the package, we assign a Product Manager to work with you to transform your idea into reality. As defined by the package that you choose to go with.
Here are the packages to choose from

We have created 3 different levels of service packages for entrepreneurs who come in with a game changing idea and are yet to raise funds for their startup:

Level 1 : Design Mockups – Breathe life to your Idea

It all starts with having the right Design! Our 3 weeks of intense workshop on design engagement will teach you how to create the mockups for your mobile app on one of the preferred platform (Android/iOS/Windows).

How does this help?
  1. To excite co-founders, employees and investors, you need much more than a PPT and few hand drawn sketches.
  2. To translate a product vision into an exciting, practical, easy to use, feature based interface for mobile, you need to get your design right. Else, you are just wasting time by shooting in the dark.

Duration: 3 Weeks

Level 2: Proof of Concept – Have a working prototype to validate your Idea

Before building your market ready apps, you need a working prototype that lets users to experience your product concept.

We offer 5 weeks of Proof of Concept engagement which includes:

  1. Ideation Workshop
  2. Design workshop
  3. Design Engagement
  4. Build a Prototype
  5. Host your Prototype
How does this help?
  1. Your approach to the product vision, feature list, design, development and launch will change in Ideation workshop. Our unique approach will let you work with the experts to create a winning app strategy.
  2. Your focus will start to revolve around your product and not the far fetching idea. This will help increase the chances of exciting investors.
  3. You must be looking to validate your product idea with focus group surveys, user-testing and research interviews. Our approach help you to realize that people connect better when you take the PoC with you on a smartphone.
  4. With the PoC, developers will be clear on the cost & timeline involved. This way you will get a clear cut quote for product development from your vendors.

Duration: 5 Weeks

Level 3: Minimum Viable Product – App ready to Launch

This is the acid test when you will soft launch the product as a MVP or Minimum Viable Product and we can get real consumers to use it for the first time.

After completing the Proof of Concept phase (or if you haven’t gone through the Proof of Concept phase but have fully defined technical and product specification document), we will submit a detailed plan with 2-3 cost and timeline options (with variations in features that will be build into the app) that will keep the overall engagement cost between USD 15,000 to USD 50,000 and duration of 8 weeks – 20 weeks. Based on the budget and time available, you can pick up the most suitable option and start building the MVP for one platform with us.

If you have completed the Proof of Concept phase, we will be able to re-use several components such as design, product architecture into the MVP phase, thereby helping you save dollars.

How does this help?
  1. No hidden cost or agenda. A Fixed Cost and timeline engagement within the range mentioned above. Everything else may remain variable, but not your relationship with us.
  2. MVP approach saves you huge marketing dollars. Before doing a app launch, build and test the MVP to validate your product idea.

Duration: 8 Weeks – 20 Weeks

Add on Services after Level 2 or Level 3

Private Beta Test & Market Research

Acquiring users and garnering their feedback is the most important phase for your startup. At InnoMind Technologies (Startup Incubator Lab), we help you with private beta and market research where we

  • Acquire 25 users in the Target Demographics/Platform and test the application
  • Focus Group Survey and Research on the experience
  • Get Strategic Recommendations

Duration: 4 Weeks

Launch Service

Launching an app in the heavily crowded market place is tough. Our marketing team has years of experience in having helped brands launch apps and gain visibility among the target user community. Some of the services offered are as follows :

  • ASO for your app and SEO for your App landing page
  • Social Media, Content Marketing and Paid ads strategy for your app
  • Get your app reviewed by top bloggers
  • Create and Distribute Press Release
  • Create Case Study + Blog post promoting your app.

Duration: 4 Weeks

Contact us to schedule a meeting with our business and technology experts for more information.