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Build Chat Bots for Your Business

Chatbots enables users to access services directly through a messaging application by chatting with a “bot” (Artificially Intelligent Robot). So mobile users don’t have to download a separate app for the business, as they only require Facebook messenger or Whatsapp or similar messaging app service and that’s it. One app will do the rest.

For an e.g. if you’re having coffee with likeminded people at Starbucks in Market St., SF Bay area and going back to your stay at Hotel Hilton, you just need Facebook messenger and chat with Uber to ask for taxi. Uber hasn’t launched  this type of app yet, but this is the possibility of using chat bots as a business.
Being like a real human, Chatbots answered to predetermined questions or more complex ones that automatically improves the conversation between users and business. Bots can be more efficient than using an application because they are artificial Intelligent robots for your business.


In this Webinar, You will learn:

  • Key trends determining strategy for bots development
  • How you can integrate with your business benefits
  • How much cost involve to develop custom bots
  • Case Studies of successfully deployed bots in messaging apps
  • LIVE Q&A

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