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Puppy Baby Book


Artistic Origins Inc, a 100% woman-owned publishing company in Houston, Texas that has been doing business since 1995. Dawn Ireland, award winning author of The Puppy Baby Book sold in amazon and local bookstore. They wanted us to develop a web based version of this book where all the pet lovers can create their own pet memorabilia and share with friends/family.


Our team have developed the web based application using PHP, WordPress and wowbook.js with following features:

  • Pet owners can buy the pet memorabilia book online on yearly basis subscription and also can gift their friends/family
  • Pet owners can fill up the pre designed memorabilia and upload their favorite moments with the pets
  • They can also print the book and download in PDF


The pet memorabilia book has attracted lot of pet lovers across North America and Canada to buy the subscription and share their pet memorabilia with their friends and family.