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Last minute deal App



Our client is a Delhi based emerging pioneer in new technology startups for last minute hotel deals. They have featured as a mobile only start-up which is focused and committed to bring exclusive last minute hotel deals to guests, which is up to 60% lesser compared to online platforms. They offered seamless experience, chosen hotels and acknowledgeable experience which in return resulted in warm welcoming to theapplication across target customer segment.

Project Overview:

The project involved the development of a software application that covers the entire gamut of activities right from portraying deals to the booking phase. We helped them to develop a content management system (CMS) for hotels with a mobility platform for enhancing deal booking. We delivered a successful user-friendly mobile application for the guests improving the customer booking. The application is created in such a way that even if the person is not a resident of the locality, he does not face any difficulty in imprinting the location and facilities of the booking


Our team has developed a mobile application that works seamlessly on iPhone and Android devices. The application gives customers access to various deals that makes booking simple and hassle free. The application processes the customer’s location and displays the nearby deals. Once the booking is placed the client can check the status and background information of the person placing the booking which further helps in any required communication between the hotel staff and the guest.

The client has provided with a user-friendly backend login so as to manage the deals to be posted, update the content and images and view the queries at the support desk.

Our solution which includes –

  • Guest app – iPhone and Android
  • Client software–Content Management System

Features & Functionality:

  • GPS based location service to track and locate deals.
  • View the hotel rooms available as per luxury category and variation in normal price and the deal amount.
  • View stay details and extend check-out date.
  • Provision to view the amenities available.
  • Powered by trip advisor traveler ratings and feedbacks.
  • Clear cut information regarding the food/beverage included.
  • Online payment gateway for making the reservation.
  • 24/7 online support and help desk privilege.

Technologies Implemented:

  • Apache web server
  • Database – MySQL
  • Language – PHP
  • Platform – iOS & and native android
  • Google map API
  • Hosted on Amazon AWS


  • The application was successfully published in iPhone and Android app stores and features among free applications.
  • Last minute hike in booking charges has been a horrendous thought to many and through this application daily deals will be depicted.
  • Guest now does not need to visit each official site of hotels to view if there is any fluctuation in the rates or call up to place their booking. This has helped overcome problems such as hike in price, time consumption, call waiting, miscommunication (wrong booking, language issues), and dropped calls.