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Delivery Traveller


The scope of the project is to develop a responsive web application that connects a traveler to locals on his destination. A local can post an item he needed and invite travelers coming to his place. Similarly travelers to a particular destination can search for locals to deliver the items they needed. The platform provides a sophisticated messaging system for travelers and locals to communicate through which they can manage their offers and deliver items as per the mutual agreement.


TWe have proposed a very innovative approach to the client as follows to build a world class product for global users:

  • Internal Messaging system like Gmail
  • Escrow Transactions between buyers and sellers
  • Advanced Search Functionality using Elastics search


The client has received an overwhelming response from this platform and within six months of launch, they receive a high volume of activities on the platform. The platform also ensures that the products that are delivered are legally bound and that there are no transaction issues like nonpayment of money or delivery of products so that there is no loss at both ends on the traveler and local.