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Client Profile:

Our client is a logistic company based in Australia.The expansion of their business had caused delays in approval procedure because the process works in such a way that the approval had to be done from different layers of the work chain. This resulted in low efficiency, slowdown of the process and reduction of bandwidth of the work taken up due to the lack of background details needed for decision making.

Project Overview:

The project is mainly to improve the work efficiency of a logistic company involving the approval from different layers. The client wanted a single platform to settle all the inventory management and track the approval status. More than that, company themselves wanted to assign a person with the role of supervisor to make sure the inventory taken from them is used at the prior fixed approved location and after the dismantle date, the inventory is placed back to the stock for reuse.

Our Solution:

InnoMind came up with a solution to improve the approval process by splitting the software into web & mobile control platforms. The web console was accessible to the admin and the agent headquarter sector and the mobile application was accessible to the supervisor assigned by admin. The supervisor will monitor the case criteria’s and fasten up the case consolidation procedures using mobile to make sure that the inventory is managed when a stock is available. We suggested a photo upload feature as well to improve the clarity of the details.

Features & Functionality:

  • Main admin can add & manage agent headquarters and agents under each HQ.
  • Provision to update count of inventory and pricing will be restricted only to Admin.
  • Agent headquarters will be notified each time a case is created and updated. Agent created case will require headquarters approval before it reaches admin.
  • Admin can assign Supervisors to oversee the case setup, case closing procedures & status.
  • Ultimate approval control for cases by admin after auto checking with the stock availability.
  • Reports will be generated after each case and as a monthly master list.

Technologies Implemented:

  • Web technology-LAMP stack,HTML5,CSS3
  • Mobile Platform – Ionic
  • Language-PHP
  • Database-MySQL
  • Cloud Platform-Amazon AWS

End Result:

  • Approval works have been organized in a manner that quick decisions can be made
  • Through a single platform we can know where the work has been in pending state
  • Proper updates on the case enrolled date and stock availability has reduced several last moment inefficiency.
  • Clarity on who is dealing with the case in the software results in proper feedback & communication easier.