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Enterprise Mobility for Travel & Hospitality

The most flourishing industry across the globe is at the threshold of advanced technology adaptation with abundant number of web and mobile apps easing out your life even while you are travelling. Nobody has so much time to sit and book tickets, search for good hotels, good food, tourist spots etc. People want everything in their fingertips and technology has been smiling upon us through constant innovations. Checking into hotel rooms, turning on the AC, Getting the boarding pass etc. can be done through easy to use apps in the most convenient way.

What does Travel and hospitality industry lack today?

Adaptation of modern techniques: Though there are many who have walked forth the path of modernization by adapting modern mobile and web apps, starting from booking for dinners to booking a package for Valentine’s Day, there are still many hotels and tourism bodies who still lag behind using the traditional way.

Global Connectivity: Walking with the rest of the globe is vital in this industry as this is one of the crucial aspects of every country. Countries attract foreign crowd when it comes to travel and tourism and if the country lacks global standards, the economy of the country as a whole might go down.

Loyalty building: Travel and tourism is enriched through loyalty. There are apps that help one to build a relationship with the first time customers ensuring that they come back again. What is it that has made you to choose the same restaurant or mall for eating out or shopping? The quick service delivery, reminder on offers regularly, wishes on your birthdays etc. that for an integral part of building loyalty and relationship with customers.

Instant access: Fast moving world has no time to stop. Click and walk forward is what people do and in this era, instant access to information and comfort is the key to survival. Hospitality industry especially requires such instant access without which competing with the rest of the globe would become tough.

How can we add value to Travel and Hospitality?

Our team of experts has done a detailed research of the trends in 2017 and beyond and has come up with solutions designed for enhancing your comfort level in the hospitality and travel industry through mobile and web apps that inculcates unique features all at one place.Creating solutions for an extremely unique guest experience thus enhancing engagement with your hotel and loyalty is what we work on for you. Flight booking, in-flight entertainment, connected property service and onboard services are some of the key ingredients that we map into the solutions designed for hospitality and travel industry.

Consumer Apps
  • Online Booking systems on Web and Mobile
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • In-Hotel Shopping
  • Customer Loyalty App
  • Hotel Locator
Enterprise Apps
  • Self Servicing Solutions such as Kiosks, touch screen, mobile/web
  • Property Management System
  • Point of Sales (POS)
Why Innomind Technologies?

Ease of Use: All our apps are user friendly and are scalable across platforms. Our dedicated geeks of the UX/UI team implement functional applications keeping in mind the enterprise and consumers.

Quick Turnaraound Time: Easy deployment is ensured as we adapt a fast process understanding the quick time-to market necessary for you.

Expertise Our skilled experts are experienced with proven track record of successful deployment of complex retail apps with integration to your enterprises systems and partners.

Customizable Apps Every business is different and every client is a special unique case for us. We conduct an end to end study about your business and provide you with unique customized solution.

Secure We understand and treat your security with utmost importance. Hence we blend security and scalability in our apps considering your long term benefit.