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Enterprise Mobility for the Logistics and Transportation

Transportation and logistics companies are facing unprecedented stress while managing their business activities and fulfilling the consumer demands. With the global demographic shifting, security issues and urbanization are creating high demands for ameliorating the public transit system. There is a need to improve the productivity and gain deeper insight to become proactive in delivering transportation and logistics services.

The rise and growth of enterprise mobility has streamlined many industry operations. From security issues to customer contentment, the mobility and wireless solutions fulfill critical business needs.

Furthermore, these applications can also keep track of the extra hours or over time that an employee works because they are completely accurate. A few extra hours may not be of great importance to use but to an employee that extra income means a lot. Thus, enterprise mobility helps maintain accurate payroll records in the transportation industry, as well as generates employee and customer satisfaction.

Even your travelling sales force can easily capture customer requirements on the go, and check with the main server for availability of stock. All your supply chain management needs are only a click away with these applications. This is also because we have advanced inventory tracking mechanisms, delivery status updates, radio frequency readers and other supply chain related applications that can be made to suit your business needs.

Our Enterprise mobility solutions for transportation and logistics companies

In logistics and transportation industry, a huge workforce is always on the go and geographically dispersed. From a bus ticket agent, to forklift drivers, and to maintenance engineers, the working environment for these workers is inherently mobile. Having access to a real time ERP system will enable them to fasten up the business process and aid customer at the point of service.

How can we add value to transportation and logistics companies?

We digitally transform businesses with our enterprise mobility solutions to impact the overall business workflow. Improved interaction with their customers and employees to promote better governance.

  • Mobile Order entry Apps
  • Proof of Delivery App
  • Shipping & Receiving Apps
  • Asset Management App
  • Inventory Management App
Why InnoMind Technologies?

Ease of Use: All our apps are user friendly and are scalable across platforms. Our dedicated geeks of the UX/UI team implement functional applications keeping in mind the enterprise and consumers.

Quick Turnaround Time: Easy deployment is ensured as we adapt a fast process understanding the quick time-to market necessary for you.

Expertise: Our skilled experts are experienced with proven track record of successful deployment of complex retail apps with integration to your enterprises systems and partners.

Customizable Apps: Every business is different and every client is a special unique case for us. We conduct an end to end study about your business and provide you with unique customized solution.

Secure: We understand and treat your security with utmost importance. Hence we blend security and scalability in our apps considering your long term benefit.

InnoMind Technologies has proven record of deploying healthcare apps in a customized way for its clients across the globe. Get in touch with our team to your specific needs and we will help you to build custom solutions.