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Enterprise Mobility for Healthcare

Developing Cloud hosted Web and Mobile solutions for Healthcare industries

Healthcare plays a crucial role in every country. Starting from personal healthcare to complex government ordinances healthcare is imperative. The vast industry has a huge impact on people’s life every day. It is time where there is a rise in the list of corporate hospitals and people are on the lookout for the best and fastest in the industry. Mobile apps have brought in a revolution in the healthcare sector and enabled in managing crucial data anytime, anywhere.

What does Healthcare Industry lack today?

Organization: Many a times, we see that the hospitals that we visit are big and huge, however hardly are they organized and well managed. You might have to stand in long queue in spite of being ill to meet the doctor. Have you ever wondered what if you could call the doc by just getting access to an app called “Dial the Doc”?

Global reach: Running a hospital in your local area is not a difficult task, but how is it that the rest of the world is going to get to know you better? Apart from maintaining the standard of the hospital, it is necessary for having a global reach in this competitive industry.

Reaching out to target customers: Many people may prefer accessing the web rather than visiting a hospital. Is your hospital equipped state-of-the-art facilities, yet lagging behind to reach the global market?

Instant Access: Patients are on the lookout for web and mobile apps that are prompt, perfect and fulfill their needs instantly. Do you have a doctor online on the web or mobile to respond to patients instantly?

Digitalization: All global hospitals have gone digital rather than following the traditional methods. To go global, it is essential to be up to date and move at a pace with the rest of the world.

How can we add value to Healthcare?

Our team of expert geeks has done a thorough research of the trends in healthcare 2017 and beyond and has come up with uniquely designed solutions that will have a lasting impact on the industry as a whole. We have deployed end number of apps across the globe and have proved our caliber in the industry by reaching out to many and the number is still going upwards:

  • Electronic Medical records (EMR) Systems
  • Electronic Health Records (HER) Systems
  • Hospital Management Systems
  • Pharmacy Management Systems
  • Healthcare Informational Portals
  • Doctor/Nurse scheduling system
  • Hospital or Clinic or Doctor Websites
  • Digital Marketing for healthcare
Why Innomind Technologies?

Ease of Use: All our apps are user friendly and are scalable across platforms. Our dedicated geeks of the UX/UI team implement functional applications keeping in mind the enterprise and consumers.

Quick Turnaraound Time: Easy deployment is ensured as we adapt a fast process understanding the quick time-to market necessary for you.

Expertise: Our skilled experts are experienced with proven track record of successful deployment of complex retail apps with integration to your enterprises systems and partners.

Customizable Apps: Every business is different and every client is a special unique case for us. We conduct an end to end study about your business and provide you with unique customized solution.

Secure: We understand and treat your security with utmost importance. Hence we blend security and scalability in our apps considering your long term benefit.

InnoMind Technologies has proven record of deploying healthcare apps in a customized way for its clients across the globe. Get in touch with our team to your specific needs and we will help you building custom solutions.