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Serving you with smooth and effective CRM solutions

InnoMind Technologies is very well acquainted of the fact that CRM plays an impeccable role to attain customer satisfaction and loyalty. Hence we amalgamate our industry expertise and technical brilliance to reward smooth and effective CRM solutions catering your business specific needs. Ever since our inception, we have been serving clients from different industries with our CRM implementation services.

Why exactly you need CRM implementation?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) actually is the methodology of studying customer needs and their purchasing behaviour to serve them better and eventually increase the sales and build loyalty.

Implementation of CRM solutions has numerous benefits and among them the most prominent ones are:

  • Development of more effective communication channels
  • Instantaneous access to customer histories
  • Identification of newer seller opportunities
  • Operating costs reduction
  • Higher cross selling percentage
  • Simplified marketing processes
  • Improved responsiveness and better customer service

We specializes in custom-made CRM solutions that are based on proven SugarCRM, vTiger and Odoo software.


Our highly qualified professionals are well-versed in SugarCRM and hence assure that it is implemented exactly in line with your requirements. Innomind understands that no two implementations are ever the same and therefore customised and exclusive solutions are made available for you.

SugarCRM implementation involves determination of customisation necessities &specifications, scheduling administrator training & end user training, deployment &follow-up after the deployment.

vTiger CRM

Our team of experienced VTiger CRM implementation professionals follows a systematic approach to assure that you are benefited by all possible means. The implementation process starts with the defining of business objectives and is followed by deployment & configuration, customization & integration, data migration, mock implementation, functional training and proactive & reactive support.

We assure a 100% effective and successful implementation through our carefully planned risk-free strategies.

Odoo CRM

We provide Odoo CRM Consultation, development, customization, implementation, maintenance,support and training in Odoo.

Our CRM implementation proficiency covers:
  • Planning of sales and its monitoring, managing leads and forecasting revenue
  • Configuration of products and pricing, entry of orders and its fulfilment
  • Marketing and distribution
  • Deployment of field personnel and optimization of service inventory
  • Management of agents and dealers
  • Billing front-end
  • Fraud management

Our smart principles, ideas, strategies, solutions, systems, applications and software assure effective customer relationship management. If you are looking for an effective CRM for your business, just reach us and we are happy to assist.