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08 Mar

Social media marketing for Ecommerce websites

By: Sayed N

Are you implementing right social media marketing strategy to improve sales conversions to your Ecommerce websites?

If no, then today I am going to uncover best practices and tools that you must use to achieve your marketing goals for Ecommerce business.

Define your Target Audience

The first step you need to do is, Analyse your target audience who are likely to shop from your Ecommerce website. Develop your buyer’s personas, e.g. who are your potential customers, influencers and decision makers. What age group they belong to? What they read and browse on the internet? their online behavior? etc. Then you need to write all your social media posts copy according to the geographic locations of your target audience you are communicating. Remember, Develop social media calendar for the entire month in advance and write social media posts for each of your commerce products/category you are selling and value proposition your Ecommerce business offers to the customers. It is also advisable to celebrate monthly general events with your customers and run contests/offers to build the hype around.

Choosing right Social Media Platforms to engage your audience/customers

It is very crucial to select the right mix of social media platforms to be included in your social media marketing strategy. We recommend you can include seven social media platforms to engage with your customers. The selection of social media platforms depends on what geographic locations you are selling your products and their buyer’s personas.

1. Facebook

Each social media platform has KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to measure. In facebook, We should measure an increase in overall engagement, an increase in post reach and an increase in website visits from Facebook. Once you setup that successfully, define the content strategy and content tone for each of the social media platform. For facebook, here are few examples –



2. Instagram

Follow the same process as above, setup the KPI, content strategy and content tone for Instagram posts. They have recently introduced an ‘Instagram Stories’ feature which can be leveraged to build awareness of your Ecommerce website. Here are few examples –



3. Twitter

Twitter is more over conversational social media platform so you need to adjust your content strategy and tone accordingly. Here are few examples –



4. Pinterest

Pinterest you can leverage to distribute infographics and visual contents for users to ‘pin it’. Here are few examples –


5. Snapchat

Snapchat platform allow E-commerce marketers to capture personal and fleeting moments. Here are few examples –


6. YouTube

YouTube can be used to promote your Expert advice, Informational guides, product Demonstrations, Celebrity endorsements etc. Here are few examples –



7. Google+

You may not receive more engagements from Google+ but this platform will certainly help you from the perspective of organic ranking in google search. Here are few examples –



Tools you should use to increase productivity and measure effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns

1. HootSuite – Social Media Management Tool

You can manage all your social media accounts in one place using this tool and automate your entire social media marketing campaign with its advanced features.

2. TweetDeck – Twitter #tag and Account Management Tool

This tool will allow you to track specific #tag and tweets tracking of any given twitter accounts for active monitoring.

3. Google Analytics – Social Reports Management Feature

You can use Google Analytics ‘Social Reports’ feature to understand, analyze and measure all the visitors coming from different social media platforms and gather consolidated report to gain insights whether the visitors are converting on successful sales conversions on your Ecommerce website.

You may request for one on one meeting with our Ecommerce Marketing Experts if you need help with auditing your current social media marketing strategy or social media strategy for your new Ecommerce website.

Please let me know in comments, How you have implemented your social media marketing strategy.

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about the author
Sayed N

A renowned Digital Growth Strategist, Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Digital Marketing coach with over 10 years of progressive experience. He has been a trusted advisor to businesses from the SMB level all the way up to large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. He played a pivotal role in the growth and advancement of InnoMind Technologies as diversified business group which dealt with professional education, Digital Marketing franchises, and full service Digital Agency serving clients across the globe. He has an MBA in Marketing & Finance from MDS University and Certified Google Adwords partner. He also works closely with various women empowerment agencies globally to promote rural women entrepreneurship and enable them to GO Digital.