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27 Feb

Misconceptions on Hiring Virtual Workforce for Web & Mobile Development

By: Sayed N


Here at InnoMind, we recently got a message from a customer hailing from France. He was looking forward for a mobile application for his business. In fact, he was earlier planning to hire an in-house team for the purpose, but some obvious issues cropped up. But when he thought of outsourcing his requirements, he seemed to be a bit worried and that was because of certain misconceptions he had. This is in fact not only his concern, but a lot are there who shun away from outsourcing because of the misconceptions they have. May be it’s because of their previous bitter experiences or because of their ignorance. Though we can’t claim that all the misconceptions are unreasonable, let us tell you how we keep you in the comfort zone.

Do you think that communication may pertain as a hindrance?

Well! It may be so in case when the team you deal with is not ethical and professional. InnoMind has always taken adequate measures to assure customer contentment.  We use most advanced means of communication and project management tools that enables you to have a hassle-free interaction with us 24/7. Also, there is a technical team to ensure proper functioning of the communication channels.

Are you worried about unending excuses and intolerable delays?

This never happens with us. Most of the customers think that outsourcing mobile and web application development requirements may not make you available with the required project delivery on time. Many reasons can be there for that. Inefficiency of workforce or unavailability of enough resources may be the main factors. We have highly efficient, well-trained workforce and also we are extensively resourceful. So, we never have to hide behind excuses and you get work on time and every time.

Quality matters the most to you. And is it the same as in case of your service provider?

For us, quality is the basic value on which all our products, processes and services are aground. We believe that quality is not to be restricted only to our company products and services but it should be there throughout the whole experience that customer encounters in the deal with us.

How can the offshore company run profitably if their rates are nominal?

For any business to sustain, profit is inevitable. Obviously we are also managing ourselves with reasonable income. Cost of living varies a lot based on geographical locations and as we are based in India, our rates may be relatively lesser. We don’t work at cheap rates, but we avail excellence at reasonable rates. We understand that competition is getting stiffer in the outsourcing domain but we have always perceived from our years of experience that wise business people emphasizes more on quality.

Will your privacy be in threat?

We have never failed to earn, preserve and reinforce the trust of our customers. We seriously fear the blotch on professionalism and the serious consequences that may follow if your confidential information is disclosed to any extent in any way. Above all, we believe only in ethical business processes.

If you are still not convinced, just have a look at our portfolios and the testimonials with which our esteemed clients have endorsed us

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about the author
Sayed N

A renowned Digital Growth Strategist, Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Digital Marketing coach with over 10 years of progressive experience. He has been a trusted advisor to businesses from the SMB level all the way up to large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. He played a pivotal role in the growth and advancement of InnoMind Technologies as diversified business group which dealt with professional education, Digital Marketing franchises, and full service Digital Agency serving clients across the globe. He has an MBA in Marketing & Finance from MDS University and Certified Google Adwords partner. He also works closely with various women empowerment agencies globally to promote rural women entrepreneurship and enable them to GO Digital.