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09 Aug

Importance of Cloud Hosting for Web Application Deployment

By: InnoMind Technologies

Web development has been taken to a completely new stage by the innovating technology today. There are millions of websites developed within a day because of the tools that become available easily. Along with this, the web developers are developing several applications every day. These applications need to be deployed properly as they can be misused by the cyber bullies.

Many businesses are finding cloud platform as a secure place to deploy the legacy applications than ever before. This is because of the scalability, flexibility and security offered by the cloud. In case, you decide to host your apps on a local server, your application won’t be able to handle the load on it. Also, you need to think upon the queries such as – can the server take care of it? Or are you ready to pay the high price for the capacity which you may or may not require? There are several other issues too that are forcing the developers to deploy their applications on the cloud. This has increased the number of best cloud hosting providers in India. But prior to knowing the cloud hosting provider, it’s important to know the advantages of deploying your web applications in the cloud.

Let’s check the advantages of using cloud hosting for apps below:

Advantages Of Hosting Apps In The Cloud:

Flexibility and Freedom: Cloud hosting enables independent data syncing between different users which offers the flexibility and freedom to use it as a platform for data communication.
Less Hardware Configuration: Integrating apps with the cloud is easy as compared to on-premise options since less hardware configuration is needed and it helps organizations to complete the process of implementation in a more lively form.
Access from Anywhere: View and manage you data from anywhere and at any time when it’s stored in cloud. When your app is deployed in the cloud, until you have the internet connection, you can see your data, run a report or get the information required without the need to download everything.
Time Saving: PaaS reduces the time required for keeping everything up and running as well as scaling. This reduces the headache of operations in the backend and the developers just need to code and upload it to the cloud. This helps the developers to spend more time on critical tasks that can prove valuable to your business.
Highly Secure: Disasters, either natural or man-made can lead to heavy business losses. When you host your app in the cloud, it acts like an insurance and works prior to the disaster strikes to secure your most valuable business asset – the customer good will.
Cost Savvy: Hosting applications in the cloud helps in cost reduction to a great extent. A company needs to spend high on maintaining hardware as it might quickly become obsolete and need replacement. Moving to cloud offers a fast and cheap way of scaling applications.
Highly Reliable: Cloud also offers reliability as it allows you to work in an isolated environment for storing your data which leads to fast and effective functioning of applications.

After going through the advantages of cloud hosting for application deployment, you might have understood the importance of it. But now, choosing the best cloud hosting provider is a big task for you. There are many web hosting providers that offer cloud hosting but do they really offer scalable cloud? This question doesn’t arise with MilesWeb cloud hosting as they offer really elastic cloud that saves money.

Why Choose MilesWeb Cloud Hosting?

India’s best cloud hosting provider, MilesWeb offers powerful cloud that caters you with everything that you expect. May you be a start-up or a web developer, MilesWeb cloud is available for all. You can sign-up for their free one month trial of cloud and then take your decision.

Deploy Your Apps In Easy Way:

The marketplace offered by MilesWeb PaaS allows you to choose your application from the list of more than 100 applications such as wikis, forums, content management systems, mail apps, developer tools, project management, ecommerce, portals, social networking apps and more. You simply need to select the app from the marketplace and just within few clicks, you app will be ready to use.

It Just Takes Minutes to Launch Cloud Instance:

MilesWeb’s cloud platform makes it easy for you to use the cloud. Launching cloud instance doesn’t involve the admin tasks as you can do this easily with few clicks.

Really Elastic Cloud:

No manual intervention is needed for scaling your applications in the cloud. This saves you from overpaying for the unused resources without making any complicated adjustments.

Auto Vertical Scaling: The automatic vertical scaling helps you to setup the maximum RAM and CPU to serve the current demand of your application.
Auto Horizontal Scaling: You can setup the triggers to add and remove web/application server nodes in your existing environment. The server node increases or decreases as per the triggers.
Even Traffic Distribution: The work load is balanced intelligently by evenly distributing the traffic between server nodes which improves the processing of requests leading to decrease in user’s response delay and handling requests simultaneously without failures.
High Availability: You can replicate the data on different cloud instances in the same cluster with multicast. It won’t affect your services and your website will be up always.

Save Money with MilesWeb Cloud:

You don’t need to pay separate registration charges. Just add Rs.300 into your account and start deploying your apps in the cloud. You need to pay only for the actual resources used by your application. They don’t charge you for the cloud server. The minute you delete your cloud instance, you stop paying for the service. But if you shutdown the cloud instance and keep the data on the cloud, you will need to pay for the used storage space only.

Apart from this, you can talk to their cloud solution experts via live chat, email and phone.

At last, you may say that cloud hosting is made for all and also is affordable due to its pay-per-use model. Not only this, it also helps you to scale the resources as per your requirements and this ultimately means that you don’t need to upgrade your plan or switch to some other hosting service. You can keep continuing with the cloud. So, what are you waiting for? Just go to MilesWeb and launch your business instantly with their cloud platform.

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