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04 Feb

How to setup Facebook lead ads campaign that achieves results

By: Sayed N

Have you ever run lead generation ad campaigns on Facebook and converted leads into customers?

It can be really effective lead generation strategy for your business. It really works especially for B2B companies, Professional services, Education institutes and other service based businesses.

Today, here in this blog I am going to cover insights on how to setup Facebook lead ads campaign that achieves results for your business.

How It Works?

Facebook has made the whole process a lot simple of generating leads on their platform.

Here’s how lead ads campaigns works: Show your ads to targeted users, and if they are interested, they can click on call to action button to load a popup form which is prefilled with their personal information that they have shared with the Facebook. They can review the information, update it if required and click Submit and it will save in the platform for advertisers to download in CSV file format. You will be redirected to the landing page or website after you complete the process to see more information about products/services.

I am sharing the real time campaign that we have created for our education services to promote Digital Marketing Internship Program and drive enrollment so further our sales team can follow-up with every lead in highly personalize manner to convert them.




#1. Setting up your Facebook lead ads campaign

You need to go to your Facebook ad manager account then click on “Create Ad”, Enter campaign name and select “Lead Generation” as your marketing objective.


Continue the ad creation process by selecting target audience and upload your ad copy as you normally does. When you reached to the ad level, you will see the following Lead Form section. Click on the “New Form” button.


Now you need to create a lead form based on your marketing goals you want your audience to take when they see your lead based ad on desktop feed or mobile feed in Facebook. Give a form name at the top of the popup box so it will be for your reference when you download any lead reports. Under Content tab, We would recommend welcome screen to be enabled and write effective headline and description with the same image you uploaded to your ad creatives. The call to action button should be relevant like “Signup Now” “Buy Now” “Apply Now” or “Book Now”.



Then the next step would be to setup field names and custom questions you want your users to submit when they fill up the form. Remember: Leave the Name, Full name and Phone number checked.



Next screen would be to update privacy policy, Every advertiser must have privacy policy and upload to their domain name. E.g. You can draft one with your legal adviser or sample privacy policy document from the internet.



Thank you page screen, this screen appears only after your user submit the form. You can send your users to either your specific landing page or main website homepage by entering the URL. Once you complete all the steps, Click on the “Save” button shows on top right.



Facebook lead ads also allows advertisers to connect lead form directly to various industry leading CRM systems. See full integration guide here. 


#2: Download lead reports

You can manually check your lead reports as well, go to the Facebook page which is connected to your ads account and click on the “Publishing Tools” tab at the top.

Then click on  “Forms Library” on the left side of the screen. Remember: you need to have admin access of your Facebook page account to view lead forms.

On the right, you will see all of the lead forms that you have created. Click to the Download link next to your form to download your leads in CSV file format.


Facebook lead ads Best Practices

  • Test your call to action regularly – You need to try with different call to action text on regular basis to see which one works best for your business. Make sure you try new creatives ads to keep the CTR rate high.
  • Value vs data – You need to give valid reason to your users that why they should give your business their personal information because it is similar to buying a product from you. You need to offer them compelling contents, valuable rewards for completing the lead form. It could be free PDFs, case studies, coupons etc.
  • Try ad scheduling feature to capture leads at night – Many advertisers observed that ad scheduling feature works with Facebook when it comes to lead ads. You can definitely give it a try scheduling lead ads at nights perhaps people are more comfortable giving their information in the later hours of the day when they are more relaxed.

Need our help in setting up your lead ads campaign on Facebook? Get in touch with us here!

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about the author
Sayed N

A renowned Digital Growth Strategist, Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Digital Marketing coach with over 10 years of progressive experience. He has been a trusted advisor to businesses from the SMB level all the way up to large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. He played a pivotal role in the growth and advancement of InnoMind Technologies as diversified business group which dealt with professional education, Digital Marketing franchises, and full service Digital Agency serving clients across the globe. He has an MBA in Marketing & Finance from MDS University and Certified Google Adwords partner. He also works closely with various women empowerment agencies globally to promote rural women entrepreneurship and enable them to GO Digital.