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10 Apr

How to Promote Your Brand Using Instagram

By: Sumit Balan

Over the past few years, Instagram has evolved as a platform to post selfies, travel pics and pictures of exquisite food you ate to a platform that can be used to make money, drive sales and promote your brand.

Instagram has over 300 million monthly users and brands are finding new ways to interact with the Instagram community and earn loyal customers who keep coming back for more.We are living in a digital age, we search on the Internet and use Social media for reference before we decide to buy a product.If you post the right Instagram images for your brand, you can influence the customers without any hard sales pitch.

I will explain in this article, how you can use a social media platform like Instagram to market your brand and drive more sales.

How to Set up your professional Instagram account?

– Instagram business account should be separate from your personal one.Your IG business page should only contain images of your business, not personal images and selfies.

– Make sure to include a link to your online shop/website/landing page in your bio too, as it is the only spot where you can place a clickable link.This will help to boost traffic to your site.

– Choose a business name and image/logo which is the same.similar to your business name across other social media channels.

– Include informative and descriptive about your business

How to Create popular Instagram Posts?

– Post-effective visual image of your product which can leave an impression on the viewer.Posting the right visual get 90% of sales job done for you.An image is worth thousand a word holds true here.

– Be careful to size your photo with professional quality and avoid blurred or unprofessionally cropped images.

– Use Instagram’s editing tools to grab attention and stand out.Play with colors, make sure that your image is brighter.

– Post unique lifestyle photos with life inspired backgrounds, scenes and models that inspire your brand culture.

– Give special offers, bonuses, promotions and insider announcements to your followers

How to get large Instagram following?

– Include hashtags on your posts which are relevant keywords and phrases relevant to your brand and business.You can use trending hashtags or even create on of your own.

– Include your followers contents on your own feeds promotions.These followers will keep coming back to check these feeds.

– Encourage your followers to post photos and reviews, these followers will be your ambassadors to reach out to many more users.

How to maximize customer engagement?

– Write inviting captions for your Instagram posts to get the full potential of engagement and response from your posts.

– Run a contest to get more customer engagement and reward your most loyal customers and give away attractive prices as well.Later post the photo of the price and the winner.

– Respond to comments and notifications of your followers.This is a sure way of getting more engagement.

How to measure Instagram success

– Reciprocity matrix is a way to show how many and which of your followers interact with your brand the most. Value these ambassadors by recognizing them so that they continue to be your loyal followers and share your posts.

– It is extremely important to post when your followers are most active. Observe on which time your followers are most active and post during those times.According to a study, the best time to post on Instagram is Monday 6.00 p.m. All other days, between 5.00 p.m and 6.00 p.m.

– The average frequency of your post should be 6 images per week, that too during your followers are most active.

– Use scheduling apps like Schedugram and Latergram to queue up your posts and send them out in accordance with your optimized time.

– Another effective way to track your growth is to set goals for Instagram engagement.For example, if you have 1000 followers, you should be aiming to get an average of 35 to 40 likes per post.

Effective use of Instagram helps you to increase buyer loyalty, brand equity, and lifetime user value. You will not have to go to the customers anymore, they will come to your doorsteps.Good Luck!

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Sumit Balan

Sumit Balan is the Co-founder of InnoMind Technologies with over 12 years of experience in IT industry in various roles. As the MD and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of InnoMind Technologies, he has a precise vision and provides an overall leadership and direction to the entire aspects of business.