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27 Feb

How to add value to your ecommerce website?

By: Sumit Balan

More and more retailers are embracing ecommerce these days and this attributes to the increasing favouritism of online shopping. No one now has the patience and time to combat with the traffic to reach shops, deal with weird attitude of salesmen and wait in long checkout queues. When things are quite comfortably done within few clicks, those days are not far away when physical shops will be seen devoid of customers.

Realizing the scope of ecommerce website services, almost all businesses have adopted the idea of investing in a website. But does all the businesses with an ecommerce website grab sales? What are those inclusions that keep the successful one separated from the rest? Let’s scrutinize.

Branding- Yes! It’s of damn importance

Naming your brand, finalizing a logo and tagline is just the beginning. Be careful to communicate the right message to your prospects and for the same proper branding is vital; it makes the customers more confident to buy from you. Analyse the latest trends, understand colour psychology and find the apt tune that is capable of alluring your target audience.

User-friendliness is the key

People browsing online are never short of options these days. If you don’t respect this fact, you may not sustain the competition. Guarantee complete user-friendliness in your ecommerce website. Start the process by assuring that your website loads in flashes of seconds. Implement simple navigation and categorise and sub categorize the products judiciously. Keep the visitors on your website comfortable.

Shopping cart- Don’t select the best, select the one that suits you the best

There are numerous shopping cart software available such as Magento, Big-Commerce, X-cart, Yahoo, Volusion and Pinnacle etc. Each of these have their own unique upsides and downsides. So, with the help of a professional ecommerce website development service provider, you can select the best one which holds enough potential to serve the purpose of your web presence.

SEO friendliness- Search engines should adore you

This rule never changes and perhaps never will. No matter what geographic location you target or which products/services you sell, being visible is important. Simply existing can do limited favours but gaining higher ranking in search results wins your more sales and it involuntarily invokes a sensation in the visitors that you are more professional and serious about your business.

Product description should convince

The limitation that customers don’t have an experience of direct interaction with the products should be curtailed through effective product descriptions. Write compelling product descriptions including the benefits and features of the products. Incorporate attractive images, demo videos and all possible information in the best possible way to make users buy from you.

Security matters the most

Though ecommerce website services are being appreciated by many, still there are a major segment of customers who are a bit concerned about the security and privacy of their payment details and personal information. To be a bit frank, you will without doubt crumble down if your website gets hacked or any similar mishaps occur. So, you must use SSL encryption and the latest proven security features.

If the above mentioned are considered with reverence, you will surely see your business establishing intensely and expanding ceaselessly. Best wishes with your business!

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about the author
Sumit Balan

Sumit Balan is the Co-founder of InnoMind Technologies with over 12 years of experience in IT industry in various roles. As the MD and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of InnoMind Technologies, he has a precise vision and provides an overall leadership and direction to the entire aspects of business.