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19 Feb

Hire Offshore Dedicated Developers – Team up with your company DNA

By: InnoMind Technologies

With the rise in competition across the world, there has been a recent trend of offshore hiring or outsourcing. This trend has set in and has successfully been implemented in several reputed companies as highest quality dedicated developers come at really affordable rates. However, there are several factors that have to be considered before going for offshore hiring.  It has to be ensured that the PHP developer should possess good technical skills and should be flexible to fit in any work environment such as adjust to various time zones etc.


Advantages of hiring and offshore developer are plenty and it may so happen that in near future such hiring may turn out to be costlier due to the scarcity of resource.

Advantages of offshore hiring

Affordable Cost:  It is well known that there is a staggering cost difference between hiring a U. S. professional and an overseas professional. Hence a huge chunk of money could be saved. Countries such as India, China, Israel etc who have emerged recently as service providers render services at a very low cost. Companies looking out for downsizing can look for outsourcing due the lower rates.

Overseas Presence: Once outsourcing is done by a company it gains recognition easily. Venturing into the countries with own products or offshore software centers could be easier thus increasing the scope of expansion across the globe.

Attention to core functions: Once the critical aspect of development is outsourced, it is simply not necessary to take further headaches. The task can be left to the hired dedicated developers and more attention could be given to the key aspect of the business.

Ease in operations: For outsourcing it is not necessary to incur costs that might otherwise come up such as equipment related investments, infrastructure costs, training costs etc. High quality IT solutions could be gained at a low cost enabling easy operations.

Competent Technical Skills: Hiring the best quality dedicated developers through best offshore vendors enables to get the best technical competence and the best IT professionals.

Opportunities: For companies who hire the right dedicated developer will have greater scope of development in IT solutions. Huge opportunities can be exploited and proper planning for the best utilization of the resource could be done. Quality is the key factor of success of a business hence the need for dedicated developers are essential.

InnoMind Technologies offers a complete range of web and mobile application services right from the scratch to any kind of customized product development solution across industries such as healthcare, education, finance, legal and many more. Hire Offshore dedicated developers from InnoMind technologies and we can help you realize your business goal.

What we Offer

  • We run state of the art offshore development center
  • Enable you to hire software teams offering customized services
  • Enable you to hire PHP Developers who are flexible to work with you as per your schedule be it part time or full time
  • We offer human resources in any field such as technology, creative and digital marketing etc.
  • We let you hire as per your convenience, whether you need a single person or an entire team for development.
  • We provide all support and basic infrastructure such as infrastructure cost, recruitment, employee engagement, culture building, learning and development etc.



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