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28 May

Google Marketing Next 2017: Key Changes and New Features that you should know

By: Sumit Balan

Google’s has organized its annual marketing conference ‘Google Marketing Next 2017‘ keynote this year centered around the importance of the customer is at the heart of all our marketing efforts and customer journeys. The Google Marketing Next 2017 keynote presented the exciting new innovations, tools, and technologies that will be available to all Adwords, Analytics, and DoubleClick products by December 2017 this year. Here are key changes and new features that you should know:

1. AMP Ads and Landing Pages for Search & Display

According to Google, every additional second of landing page load time represents a 20% dip in conversion rate. This is not a good sign. You need to have faster landing pages.

To address this Google’s has introduced ‘AMP landing pages for Search & Display ads to improve the page speed which will load pages in less than 5 seconds.

Previously AMP technology was able to send only search traffic to AMP pages.

2. Life Events Targeting Comes to YouTube and Gmail Ads

Now you can target audience based on their life events such as wedding, pregnancy, started a business or graduation.

Now, AdWords will allow you to use Life Events as a targeting option in both your YouTube and your Gmail Ads.

3. In-Market Audiences Come to Search

Machine learning was mentioned by virtually every speaker during the event, Now you will see In-market audiences coming to Google search ads.

As you know, in-market audiences, which have been available on the Display Network for quite some time now, help advertisers find prospects who are nearing the end of the buying cycle. Through the synthesis of search query data and browser activity analysis, Google is now able to identify these hyper-valuable subsets of your target audience on the Google search network.

4. Location Extensions for YouTube Ads

Location extensions are coming to YouTube ads which will allow brick-and-mortar advertisers to show their videos ads to drive footfalls by showing the driving direction to users.

5. Google Optimize

It’s a new avatar of Google’s solution to landing page optimization. In the past, Google’s has made an effort with Google Website Optimizer but has failed to perform to the user expectations.

Now with Google Optimize, you can integrate Optimize and AdWords together so you can quickly and easily create new versions of your landing pages and then apply them to any combination of AdWords campaigns, ad groups, and keywords – no coding required.

6. Google Attribution

Attribution modeling is a pain (unless you are a data scientist). This newly launched tool will be able to measure first click and last click attribution of any campaigns across search, social, mobile, video, email or even TV campaigns.

Google Attribution will allow you to view the true impact of your digital marketing campaigns for free. It has also paid version Google Attribution 360 which will be available for enterprise customers.

Now marketers don’t need to worry about “Where each conversion has come from?” Google Attribution is the answer to them. It is very easier to setup and use.


Google has leveraged artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science technologies to its existing products and rolled out new products this year to allow marketers to reach targeted customers precisely and measure results from online and offline campaigns. You can watch full video here

What do you think about new innovations launched in Google products?

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about the author
Sumit Balan

Sumit Balan is the Co-founder of InnoMind Technologies with over 12 years of experience in IT industry in various roles. As the MD and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of InnoMind Technologies, he has a precise vision and provides an overall leadership and direction to the entire aspects of business.